Why Join White House Properties?

Three Quick Questions

Should you join White House Properties? If you answer just three quick and simple questions, you’ll know the answer.


  • Do you want to make more money on each and every sale? Our commission program is the best in all of Los Angeles.

  • Do you want to work YOUR way? No multi-national corporation telling you what to do.

  • Do you want unrivaled training, support and legal assistance? Close more deals when the right answers are always available to you.


If you’ve answered YES to any one of these, then WHP is where you should be.

Your Commissions

The agents that come from other local agencies tell us that the number one reason they left their old agency was because the agency was taking too much of their hard-earned commissions. They come here because of our unique and attractive commission structure. Not including E&O, here’s a typical comparison:


  • Agency “K”: 60/40 split after a 5% “off the top” per-transaction fee.
  • Agency “C”: 70/30 split after a 6% “off the top” per-transaction fee.
  • Agency “R”: 60/40 split after a $400/month “franchise fee”
  • WHP: 94.5/5.5 split plus $295 per transaction and $99/month “name this” fee.


So what does this mean in real dollars in your pocket? On a $500,000 transaction where you are on one side, assuming you close about one transaction per month, here’s what you’ll take home, based on the math:


  • Agency “K”: $8,550
  • Agency “C”: $9,870
  • Agency “R”: $8,600
  • WHP: $13,781


That’s as much as $5,231 extra cash in your pocket. If the sale is just over a million dollars, that’s more than $10,000 extra in your pocket or more.

Isn’t that reason enough to come to WHP?

If you’re not already dialing the phone to talk to us (The number is 818-999-3100. Ask for Linda.), just consider for a moment what that means over the course of a year’s worth of $500,000 sales: $62,000 extra for the year in your pocket and not your agency’s.

How does that pencil out over a 30-year real estate career? Over $1.8 million dollars.

Are you dialing the phone yet?

The Freedom You Deserve

The second reason agents give us for leaving their old agencies is that the large franchise real estate corporations have dozens of ways they make their agents conform to “their way” of selling real estate.

They don’t take into account your own style and personality.

They require that you put in X hours a week doing XXX, or that you market yourself according to their standards and limitations. Some even require that you be in the office taking walk-in traffic for 10 or 15 hours a week!

With a big corporate business, all of the creativity that is so important in a real estate agent is sucked away.

That’s probably not your style, and it’s not ours, either.

At WHP, we recognize that experienced agents know what to do and how to do it, so we give you the latitude to work how you want, when you want.

And new agents want to learn how to market real estate in a way that matches their strengths.

We think you’ll sell more that way, too.

The Support You Need

Just because you’ll finally have the freedom you crave, doesn’t mean you won’t have the support you need.


World Class Training Program

Newer agents will find that we’ve got the best real estate trainers in the business. Our program is like training wheels for new real estate agents. The moment you’re ready to ride on your own, we’ll take the wheels off and you’ll be riding on your own...quicker than you think.

We help all our agents cope with the new online world of real estate during our weekly training sessions at each office, including social media training, review training, a custom page on our website and more.


Consistent Sales Support

We’ve built an environment where agents help agents, and our senior management helps everybody. In fact, our senior management, with over 100 combined years of experience, have seen almost everything in real estate, and they regularly support and guide our agents to help them make more sales.

We even have a “Transaction Saver” department that regularly saves deals that would otherwise be lost.

Beautiful and customizable flyer designs for new listings, open houses, Just Sold announcements and more are provided free to all our agents. Plus, every agent has access to our new, private Facebook Group for WHP agents only. Pocket listings, local news, new opportunities, price reductions...it’s all there in the “WHP Gold Pages”.


In-House Legal Support

No two real estate transactions are the same, and agents often have questions. Our in-house legal counsel, which we provide to all our agents, can help your transaction avoid the stickiest of potential situations.

Just because you’ll finally have the freedom you crave, doesn’t mean you won’t have the support you need.

What Are you Waiting For?

So what are you waiting for? Talk to us today and find out how you’ll be happier and more profitable at WHP. Call 818-999-3100 and ask for Linda Silver. Or fill out the contact form on this page, and let’s get talking!
* All real estate transactions are different, and so the figures and commissions mentioned on this page are for illustration only and are not guarantees of future income.