We regularly support and guide our agents to help them make more sales, structure transactions and bring buyers and sellers to mutual agreement. With the use of our Transaction Saver Department, we put those decades of experience and knowledge to use, assisting agents in avoiding the typical pitfalls and problems that arise with transactions that would otherwise fail. Furthermore, White House Properties also provides an in-house attorney that can help you avoid the stickiest of potential transaction legal issues and there is NO FEE for this.

Our Digital Solutions

In today’s fast-paced, technology-focused society, clients demand the latest in CONVENIENT and FAST digital solutions and White House Properties is committed to providing those solutions to our agents and their clients.


Since its beginning, White House Properties’ business model has always focused on putting the agent first. The greatest recognition of this fact is at the close of escrow.
Our agents keep nearly 100% of the commission.
White House Properties receives 5 ½% + $295 “off the top”. YOU get the rest. Our agents have a keen awareness of this wealth-building opportunity. Compare the difference in income at White House Properties versus a “split commission” office. The difference gives you an enormous financial advantage. If you are investment oriented, this difference could accrue to over a million dollars over the course of ten years. It could pay for your children’s college education, cover your monthly mortgage payments, or even offset a slowing sales market. The difference means more opportunities.

Commission Table

Sales Price $800,000 $1,400,000 $2,000,000
Gross Commision 20,000 35,000 50,000
Portion to Whp* 1,395 2,220 3,045
Your Commision $18,605 $32,780 $46,955
*Everyone Pays $99/mo plus E/O

Whp & You

YOU are one-of-a-kind, and your brokerage should be too!
YOU are a Realtor who deserves to affiliate with a TRUSTED, ESTABLISHED firm that recognizes that YOU are doing the hard work and YOUdeserve to keep YOUR hard-earned money!
Whether you are an already-branded professional, an established team, or looking to keep more commission on your next deal, White House Properties is the best choice for you! Our executive transition package provides the perfect opportunity to re-establish yourself as a White House Properties agent. We provide business cards, marketing materials, and even new open house signage!
Are you a new licensee? Are you ready to go from employee to entrepreneur?

Seeing Is Believing

Whether you are ready to make a move or just curious to learn more about your Real Estate success, White House Properties invites you to visit us, take a tour, and introduce you to our unique, profitable business model.
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